UXesSeo dimanche 31 janvier 2010

When you choose to read the tweets of your friends in Google Reader, notice that you will only see the first 20 every time Google Reader checks your Twitter account. If there are more than 20 tweets between two connexions of Google, you miss them !

It is well known that this occurs if you pass through another service such as freemyfeed, feedburner or yahoo_pipes. But it actually also occurs if you directly use the Twitter option to import you friends_timeline.

I noticed it because of the new authentication process of Twitter. Because of that, I found no way to keep following my Twitter account with efficiency that adding each RSS of all the people I follow one by one into Google Reader !! No other way to avoid the 20 tweets limit (or extended 50 adding ?n=50) AND still keep updated on real-time.

Well, I notice that I receive much more tweets now that I added each RSS feed manually than when I added the Twitter friends_feed before their new authentication process! This means Google Reader and the Twitter friends_timeline actually doesn't combine. Be aware !

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