UXesSeo dimanche 13 décembre 2009

Did you ever wonder what is that small search field below a few search results in Google ?

This is the "secondary search field". For e-commerce sites, it brings some advantages:
  1. user attention is catched by a layout break-down : a form field in the middle of the result list
  2. a form field immediately calls for action, which is especially interesting for e-commerce
  3. a (performant) search feature is the quickest way to find a product in a e-store; this shortcut to the product also attracts the potential customer
According to Google itself (Google blog announcement on March 08), it is based on the high match potential rate of the result compared to the query, and to the kind of website targeted (width, page rank, etc).

Now the question is : why does this search field not always appear for the same query and same site target? For instance, a query on 'bebo' (the social networking), not always shows that search field (depending on the computer on which I tested). For the same query, it sometimes shows, sometimes not. Any idea of the user settings that could be involved in this behaviour?

Anyway, this feature that already exists from nearly two years now in Google UK, only shows up rarely in Google BE. Did it lack of the expected success in UK ? I found no update about that on the Google blog, nor others...

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